Do You Suffer from Pronoia?
Thursday, March 2, 2017 at 9:22AM
Steve Smith, LMFT

I first learned about this rare condition while traveling in Sedona a few years back. I was sitting in a coffee shop and noticed a large book on an end table entitled PRONOIA by Rob Brezsny. Given that I had never heard that word before, I curiously picked it up and began reading. The book gave an in depth explanation of this condition as well as hundreds of remarkable anecdotes and examples of its manifestation in people all over the world.  What is it, you ask? Well, in a sense it could be thought of as the opposite of paranoia. With paranoia we believe that the Universe cannot be trusted and intends us malice or harm. Pronoia is the belief that the Universe is conspiring (and trying its best) to shower us with blessings.
I really want to believe that this is the way the Universe operates, but I have found myself doubting this philosophy when something doesn’t go my way. Recently though, I decided that this is the kind of world I would like to live in so I am recommitting to this belief system. Whatever happens in my life experience, I will do my best to see it as a blessing that will enhance my existence (even if I can’t figure out what the blessing is in the short term). All of the people, resources, ideas, etc., that I need for my highest good will arrive in perfect timing because the Universe is conspiring in my favor. I will let you know how it goes…
How about you? Could you use a little case of Pronoia too?

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