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Activating Soul Resonance

If we are interested in living a life of our dreams, then we must be engaged in activities and pursuits that activate Soul Resonance. How do we know when Soul Resonance is alive? We feel love, joy, or passion when thinking about or engaging in the activity because it matches us at the soul level. In terms of metaphysics we could say that the energetic vibration of the activity matches our soul’s vibration, which stimulates a resonance much like two tuning forks. Our bodies and minds decode this energetic resonance as emotions such as love, joy, and passion.

And what if the formula for living a life of our dreams was to pursue those endeavors that activate Soul Resonance without attachment to specific results? This would mean we would be doing the things we loved the most for the pure joy of doing them. And this process would lead to the perfect unfolding of everything in our lives in exactly the right timing. It would apply in all aspects of our lives, including our relationships, careers, creative expression, etc. But maybe this is too good to be true. It can't be this simple, can it?

Well, I dare you to test it out. No, I double dare you. Experiment with this formula in your life and see what happens. While experimenting be mindful of 2 important concepts:

1. Be sure that you are acting on your love, joy, and passion rather than your fear in disguise. Very often those ideas and activities that reflect Soul Resonance are also accompanied with fear, particularly when we start to move in their direction. Our doubts and insecurities begin to surface and we sometimes make choices out of fear that take us off course. We might procrastinate or decide not to take an action that would have been in the direction of our passion. Using discernment is important to discover whether the action (or inaction) is in alignment with our soul or if it is fear-based.

2. Be sure to let go of ALL attachments about how something "should" turn out. Remember, take the action because it resonates with your soul and let the Universe handle the rest. You can have a general expectation of a positive outcome, but no matter how it looks on the outside let the result be OK.  Whenever we get discouraged or disappointed because it didn’t turn out the way we expected, we begin to inject resistant energy into the situation. If we continue in this state of being it will lead us into seeing more things to get discouraged about. 

Enjoy the journey of activating your Soul Resonance!



Don't Miss the Buddha Through the Trees

When challenges arise in a relationship, it is very tempting to view the other person as an impediment to our own spiritual growth. This is especially alluring for those of who consider ourselves “spiritual.” We begin to see them as in our way or preventing us from realizing our potential. We may come to believe they are less spiritually aware than we are and use that as an excuse to disconnect or check out of the relationship. Most of the time we are missing the very opportunity we need that can help us awaken, or discover more of our true selves. We are so distracted by the “trees” that we can’t see the path toward the Buddha right in front of our face.

The trees are the judgments we project onto our partners, such as their lack of spirituality or their lack of self awareness, and use as a reason not to love them as they are. After all, if they are not at our level of spiritual development and we shouldn’t be with them, then we don’t have to love them, right? This is where we often miss the greatest of opportunities. The path to our own awakening is through the relationship, not around it. They are likely exhibiting characteristics that make it challenging for us to love them and see the best in them, and this is our opportunity! The truth is that within our partners resides the Buddha nature, the Spark of creation, Divine potential, or whatever you choose to call it. However, they can only show us what we are willing to see. Let me repeat, they can only show us what we are willing to see. If we are only willing to see the trees then that is exactly what they will display to us. If we are willing to look more deeply and see beyond the trees, we give them the opportunity to show us the hidden treasures within the forest. But whether they choose to display them or not, transforming ourselves so that we are willing to their innate beauty and divine essence is the road to our own freedom.

The decision of whether to remain in a partnership with this person is a totally separate issue. Sometimes it may be best to end a partnership, but we can still love them and see them as a valuable expression of creation. In fact, our own happiness depends upon it. If there are giant redwoods, oaks, and pines in your relationship now, don’t forget that the Buddha is right there, just waiting for you to discover him.



Don't Do Anything For Your Partner--The Best Relationship Advice? 

If you want a truly fulfilling relationship, don’t do anything for your partner.  Yes, you read correctly. What do I mean by this outrageous statement?

When we do things for our partners there is a strong possibility of being attached to their response. We cook dinner for them and we think they should wash the dishes. We wash clothes for them and they should fold them. We buy flowers for them so they should do something nice for us. If they don’t respond the way we think they should, we become disappointed. We may even say to them, “I do so much for you, why can’t you do something for me?” This trap is so easy to fall into when we believe we are acting for another.

If we are not supposed to do things for our partners, then what are we to do? The key is to do things because that is who we want to be in the relationship, rather than holding the perspective that we are doing it “for” the other. When we act because it is an expression of who we truly are (which is the same as our deepest desires for ourselves) we are much less likely to become attached to how our partners respond. We don’t need our partners to respond a specific way anymore because acting this way is the reward in and of itself. It becomes the joy of being aligned with who we truly want to be. The paradox, of course, is that when we don’t need them to be a certain way, they are much more likely to act in ways that are pleasing to us.

Ask yourself the question: What kind of a person do I want to be in my relationship? And then act accordingly. Whether it is going to work and supporting the family, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, buying a gift, etc., do it all because these are expressions of your true self. Then it won't matter how they respond because you are not doing it for them anyway. So take it from me, if you really want to be fulfilled in your relationship never do anything “for” your partner again. Of course, telling them you're never doing anything for them again might not be such a good idea! Can you imagine that conversation?



Clean Your Filters

It’s almost Spring and that, of course, marks the time when it is advantageous to cleanse ourselves to allow for new growth. Deep cleaning our homes and detoxifying our bodies can be extremely beneficial. But it is also a useful time to clean another important aspect of our being—our consciousness.

If you have central air/heat in your home you know that the air runs through a filter before it is emitted into the house. If the filter is clogged or dirty it contaminates and slows down the flow of air. Similarly, we all have filters in our consciousness that our core energy flows through. These filters are our beliefs. Our Source is constantly projecting energy into the physical personality, which we then filter with our beliefs. When we perceive something in our world and have a belief about it that is in harmony with our true, natural Self, our energy flows cleanly and smoothly through us. As a result, we experience positive emotions such as joy, love, passion, appreciation, etc. When our energy is filtered through a belief that is out of harmony with our true Self it stresses the system (like a clogged filter) and we experience uncomfortable emotions. This is the value of any uncomfortable or “negative” emotion—to tell us that our filter needs cleaning by transforming a belief into one that is more in alignment with our true Self.

Now that Spring is near it’s a great time to begin replacing those old worn out filters with fresh, new ones. So go to Home Depot, or a Therapist, or Shaman, or Life Coach, or wherever you are most drawn to clean your filters so that you can perceive the world through the eyes of love, joy, passion and gratitude.   



Negative People Are So Annoying!

Are you bothered by someone in your life who is often very negative? They judge or criticize others. They look at the negative aspects of situations and are pessimistic about potential outcomes. They complain incessantly about things in their lives. Aren't they so annoying? 
Well, guess what? By judging the judger, you are criticizing them and doing the same thing they are. You might say, "but wait, I don't say all of those negative things." It doesn't matter whether you say it or not, if you are bothered by their apparent negativity it means that at some level you are judging them. You think they should not be the way they are, which is a form of judgment.
It is a wonderful experience to finally realize this because when you do, you will become empowered to make the inner transformation necessary. That inner transformation is to move from a place of judgment to a place of allowing. Finding a way to allow that person to be as they are will free you from the energy of criticism. If this person is someone you see often, you may have to keep practicing this skill of allowing. There is a lot of advice out there about removing toxic people from your life and I don't disagree with this. However, if you run away from a negative or toxic person without making the inner transformation you will attract another person who will again represent your own inner toxicity. I am not suggesting that in every situation you continue to stay around the person if you are having trouble allowing. You may have to get away from them for a while in order to return to a more centered state of being. However, there is not much of a difference between judging another, being judged, or being bothered by someone who is judging another.  
When you notice that someone around you is being negative and you are bothered by it, see it as great information. It is great information because it is telling you where you are in the moment, which in this case is the energy, or frequency, of judgment. If that is not what you prefer, you can begin to make the internal shift toward allowing.   
I must admit that I am writing this article more for me than for you because I keep finding myself in this trap of judging the judger (of course I hope you benefit too). It seems so easy to slip into this trap and I am hoping that by writing this I will increase my self awareness so that I will either do it less frequently or catch myself sooner when in the act. But if I do catch myself in the act, I will try not to judge the judger who is judging the other judger.