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When Your Dream Is Not Coming True

Do you have a desire in your life, one that you feel deep in your heart and soul, which has not manifested yet? Maybe you have even been working at something for a while, such as pursuing a new career/vocation, expressing your creativity, finding a life partner, or succeeding at any endeavor, but to no avail. If this is your current situation I would like you to consider 2 possibilities for being where you are.

The first possibility is that you are still holding on to doubt, resistance, or limiting beliefs that are preventing you from experiencing it—which means you are not ready for it yet. As much as you may want it to, the Universe cannot break its own laws and give you something that is not an energetic match (and even if it could, it loves you too much to do that). This would mean that something could manifest in your life before you have transformed yourself and reached the vibrational state necessary to receive it. It would be like getting a gold medal without even finishing the race. Is that what you really want? How satisfying would that be? So relax and KNOW that the timing will be perfect—it can’t be otherwise.

The second possibility is that there is another version of your dream (probably greater and more in alignment with you) that is on the way. The only problem is your tunnel vision of how you think it should come and what it should look like is preventing it from manifesting. This doesn’t mean give up and stop pursuing. It just means to be open and available to other possibilities as you joyfully move toward the dream. Stay open to the possibility that there are other routes or other versions of manifestation that could be just as or more rewarding than your original vision. Remember that your human perspective is limited, but your Spirit has a view of the entire landscape and can see the whole picture. Stay open and TRUST it.

BTW I wrote this to myself--just thought I would share it with you.