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What Readers Say...

"This is a relationship must read!" 

"One chapter improved my marriage tenfold"

"Quick read inspires a life of lasting LOVE"

"I was so gratfeful to have recommended to me this amazing book"


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What Readers Say...

"This is a relationship must read!" 

"One chapter improved my marriage tenfold"

"Quick read inspires a life of lasting LOVE"

"I was so gratfeful to have recommended to me this amazing book"

"The author described human relationships in such a clear and easy to understand way."



Lisa Smith (aka Shamamamma) offers healing services to restore health and emotional well-being and promote spiritual advancement. Through shamanism, she wishes to share with you her ability as a healer to communicate with enlightened spirits to perform shamanic healing. 

Shamanism is the oldest known spiritual practice, and is still practiced by indigenous people and modern shamanic practitioners worldwide. With deep connections to enlightened beings, Lisa accesses the spirit realm through a visionary process to heal, receive divine information, help spirits cross over , remove spiritual blockages, communicate with nature and restore harmony, perform soul retrievals, energetic body restoration and shamanic healing. 

Lisa is a graduate of the Healing the Light Body® School, she has studied and practiced numerous personal growth and health traditions for over 10 years. Lisa received a spontaneous awakening in 2008 and was initiated into the Native American shamanic energy medicine practices in 2009. Having experienced multiple spiritual experiences, she made a conscious decision to live life to the fullest and follow her passion for helping people feel better and create the life they want by being fully empowered and free. Lisa now walks between the worlds shamanically, most recently receiving the full rites of the Inka Shaman in Peru from the Q'ero elders.

Before a session, please have a check or cash in an envelope and place on the table. 

To Contact Lisa:

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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing works with the spiritual aspects of physical illness, emotional concerns such as anger and depression, and spiritual concerns such as lack of connectedness to the Divine.

There are many effects from a shamanic healing that are not possible with traditional treatments, because shamanic healing works at the spirit level. Both distant and in-person shamanic healing's are available and equally effective, because shamanic healing's are performed in the spirit realm.



Soul Retrieval


A soul retrieval is the process of shamanic journeying to find the fragmented parts of your soul and reuniting them to make you whole. 

During soul retrieval, a shaman will travel through the spirit realm to find a person’s lost soul part. A soul part can be lost during a traumatic event or through a series of smaller events. Once a lost soul part is found, it is returned to the person’s soul to be reunited. Although the person may have multiple soul parts missing, each soul part that is returned to its source brings the person closer to spiritual wholeness.

Soul retrieval works because the person’s past fear has been faced, forgiven and released, which allows them to more fully come into the present. Soul retrieval alters the past by healing it, thereby altering the present and future as well. The universe is literally realigned to accommodate the newly healed soul. 

Both distant and in-person soul retrievals are available and equally effective, because the healings are performed in the spirit realm.



Divine Days

Creating an Experience to Enhance Your Life


Learn how to:

  • Open your mind-set to your future potential
  • Shift energies within your being to enrich your life
  • Find new forms of self-expression and communication
  • Connect with nature and your true self


Group bookings also available.