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"This is a relationship must read!" 

"One chapter improved my marriage tenfold"

"Quick read inspires a life of lasting LOVE"

"I was so gratfeful to have recommended to me this amazing book"


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"Steve, Thank you for being so steadfast, open and supportive of me in my journey into the heart. Your patience, kindness, and humor have all been so influential in helping me find my highest truth. Thank you for helping me find so much more joy and peace in so many areas of my life."

-Workshop Participant


"Steve, I wanted to thank you for the great workshop. I don't have enough words to tell you how much I appreciate you, your time, and the way you addressed the different issues we all have to deal with as a couple or individuals. Before attending your workshop my husband was a little anti all  these kinds of workshops, or other treatments that focus on couples and general human relationships with others. He really likes you and your workshop and we are both planning on continuing to attend. Thanks for putting the effort and time to provide us with knowledge and new tools to improve ourselves as individuals and as a couple."

--Workshop Participant


“I'm so glad we came to the workshop last night. It opened some doors that we need to walk through to heal our relationship. We loved writing and tearing up our paper with all the judgments and negative attitudes on them and of course owning our stuff.” 

-Couples Workshop Participant


"Dear Steve. Thank you so much for your work with my husband and I. It is so incredibly helpful and you are sooooooo extraordinary at what you do. You have a real gift and I know you know this, or you would not be doing what you are doing to help the world be a more loving place."

--Couples Workshop Participant