Mindfulness, Authenticity, and Compassion--A Class for Men

When: Saturday, October 6th, 2018   10am-1pm

Where: The Enlightened Mind, 1925 Winchester Blvd, Suite 106, Campbell, CA 95008

Facilitator: Steve Smith, LMFT (408-910-4257)

When practiced in conjunction with each other, Mindfulness, Authenticity, and Compassion can serve as a powerful toolkit that can generate a more fulfilling life. The cultivation of these skills can have many practical benefits, including better relationships, improved work performance, better health, the ability to respond rather than react, and an overall sense of well-being. We will discuss and practice these concepts in a supportive community of men. 

Cost: $55 (please register by October 1st)




The Fundamentals of Love--Workshop for Couples

When: TBD

Where: Location TBD

Facilitator: Steve Smith, LMFT (408-910-4257)

In order to excel in a particular activity or endeavor in life, it is import to practice the fundamentals associated with that endeavor. We often don’t think of love and relationships in this way, but it is really no different. There are fundamentals and skills we can (and must!) practice if we want to maintain a loving relationship with our partners. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to engage in experiential exercises with your partner that will help: 

  1. Reconnect/Repair after conflict
  2. Dissolve emotional barriers and defensiveness
  3. Foster greater love/connection with each other. 
  4. Improve authentic communication


 Please join us for an exciting journey of self discovery and loving connection with your partner. 


Cost: $175 per couple (please register by October 13th)