EBook-The Enlightened Relationship

EBook-The Enlightened Relationship


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As humanity evolves into higher states of consciousness, so must our model of partner relationships. Author Steve Smith, LMFT explains the benefits of transforming the faulty beliefs and assumptions we currently hold into the emerging paradigm of relationships. This new frontier includes a practical knowledge of metaphysical principles and how they directly impact our experiences. The author recounts personal, life-changing realizations that opened his mind and heart to the unconditional love of Creation. With light-hearted humor, he describes how to cultivate this love and apply it in our lives so that we can experience the magnificance and glory of an Enlightened Relationship. 

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Book Reviews

My husband and I have really enjoyed reading this together.

"I found the concepts in Enlightened Relationship: Mastering the Metaphysics of Love by Steve Smith to be exactly what I have been trying to put my finger on for decades! The author has eloquently described human relationships in such a clear and easy to understand way. Without blame, in fact through the eyes of Love, he helps people discover what makes some relationships work and some much more difficult. This book dives deep with humor. My husband and I have really enjoyed reading this together. It’s sparked some great conversations! This is the book I will put in the hands of my young adult children! Wonderful!"



One chapter improved my marriage tenfold

"For about two years I had been feeling very frustrated in my marriage. In my 20's I read many many metaphysical books (Shakti Gawain and others) so the first introduction chapters for me were a not very exciting as I had read so much on the top years before. But they are a great primer for someone new to the topic. I kept waiting for the new information, the AH HA!! Moment. Well it came! A few chapters in I read one chapter that was literally life changing. It had such a big impact on my thinking I had to put the book down for a while to process the new point of view. It turned my attitude around 180 degrees and changed my participation and interest in my marriage overnight. I have changed my perspective and expectations so for me the love and acceptance has definitely come back into my marriage. In fact, I think my husband is overall more open and communicative (he will never be a mushy open-hearted talkative guy) but I do think he has opened up more because I am changed in my ability to accept and receive directly because of this book. Its not long and complicated but powerful and to the point."

----Sandy E.


Quick read inspires a life of lasting love

"The Enlightened Relationship takes love to a whole new level. More than an instructive manual on relationships, it inspires a pivotal paradigm shift. Simply put, loving feels good and unconditional love feels even better. When we focus on love, which is an inherent default state we can tune into, we give ourselves and our partners the gift of a joyful experience of life.

Author Steve Smith seamlessly incorporates psychological, metaphysical and practical wisdom in an uplifting approach that makes sense. Readers will appreciate the empowering perspective contained in the book, which reminds us that we are in charge of the feelings we create for ourselves and as we relate. Why not reorient ourselves then, to feeling great? Smith shows us how it's done.

A great guide for women and men alike, it's a quick read densely packed with pearls of wisdom. I used my highlighter on nearly every page, to mark something worth remembering or an insight that rang true. This simple book will no doubt elevate one's inner state, as well as their interactions with others. It would be useful to an individual or for partners to delve into together, but one thing is for sure; whomever reads it will benefit. The Enlightened Relationship is a wakeup call that prompts joyful relationships and a life rich with love."

---Faith F.

I was so grateful to have recommended to me this amazing book!

"I learned a great deal from the wisdom, and appreciate the ease of understanding in the concepts Steve Smith shares with his readers. The idea that you are responsible for your own choices, emotions choices and life is very empowering and this is just the tip of the iceberg of with Steve shares. Buy the book, You will be glad you did!"

---Jill C.